Behind the API: Ping Pong

If you are a working adult, I don’t need to tell you how important the environment and the team you work with are. Whether you work remotely or in the office, a good atmosphere among your team members makes all the difference. Here at ShuttleCloud, we take this seriously; we strive to create an environment where you work hard but can also goof around, and goof around we do indeed.  

As everybody knows, you are not a proper startup unless you have a ping pong table. No table, no startup status right? Unafraid of becoming a cliché, we got one last year; we  had heard the perks of having one in the office space as a social tool as well as a productivity one. All good, but nobody warned us about its side effect- fierce competition.

The fight for the top spot in the ranking table is ruthless. Ok, I may be exaggerating for dramatic effect, but things have got serious around here and rivalry levels have reached a new high; the guys have been training hard and buying their own equipment. Moreover, I’ve been told that we are planning a tournament  with other startups this spring. Watch this space!


In other news, we have got a projector screen for our event space, perfect for the workshops that take place at ShuttleCloud (last workshops, Docker&Kubernetes and Ansible). But let’s go back to the huge screen;  it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t find a fun/good use for it so we are planning our first movie night at the office. Our biggest issue now is to agree on the film. I’ll keep you posted.

ShuttleCloud WorkShops

In January and February, we also held several meetups (Papers We Love, and D3). Whenever there are events like these at SC, we all work as a team to make sure they run smoothly and everyone feels at home. After the talks, everyone is invited to have a few beverages. The last couple of times, the team took advantage of staying late at the office and went for dinner and a few drinks together. Any excuse, really.


Go Broncos!

Some of the team also went to watch the Superbowl at Hard Rock Cafe. Let’s be honest, most of us had never watched American football before or even knew the rules; thankfully we had Angel, our project manager, who gave us a quick overview before the match. We ended up having a brilliant time: open bar, good company, and we even made some money on the game.  

And following the motto “Play hard, work harder” (I know, I know), everyone was at the office the next morning ready for a day at work. The guys have stayed in a couple of nights watching football on the tv this month too. However, let’s not mention it to them; it is a touchy subject since their teams lost. The struggle is real.


We also lent a hand to Santi, our marketing manager, with the Twitter cover photo last week. We kindly posed for it. Staged you may say. Maybe…. Well yes, we had to stop playing with the rugby ball and stretching on the green GYM balls for the photo, we wanted to look presentable for the outside world.

Another nice surprise this month was receiving a goodie box from Ivan Pedrazas. He and Álex Gonzalez delivered the successful Docker&Kubernetes workshop I mentioned previously. When the box arrived, the whole team turned 7 years old and it felt like Christmas morning at the office; there were shortbread and fudge inside. Yum, yum. Thanks Ivan!


And of course, there have also been meetings, loads of hard work, and late evenings at the office lately, but we all know that  those do not make for a good reading.

Until next time!

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