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AngelSoft is now Gust thanks to ShuttleCloud’s Migration Tool

angelsoft-changes-name-to-gustAngelsoft provides tools to connect entrepreneurs with investors and manage the fundraising process from both sides. When Angelsoft was recently re-branded as Gust, the company used the ShuttleCloud Google to Google domain migration service to migrate between it’s Google Apps domains.

Although many customers migrate their data to new domains first and then switch, several begin using the new domain immediately and have ShuttleCloud migrate in the background. With Gust, we migrated contacts, calendars and documents first and prioritized the email Inbox to transfer before other labels, in order to provide continuity between the two accounts. The remaining email transferred in the background while Gust users continued to use their accounts without issue.

We can configure the steps of our migration process to the needs of your business. If your company recently changed names or has a re-branding coming up, let us know – we’ll make sure you don’t leave you data behind.

SendGrid Switches Google Apps Domains with ShuttleCloud

sendgrid-migrationSendGrid specializes in providing highly reliable email delivery to its clients. As you can imagine, SendGrid’s internal email communication is critical to their business. When the company switched Google Apps domains from to, they used the ShuttleCloud domain migration service.

Our Google to Google domain migration process, which includes email, contacts, calendars, documents (w/sharing settngs) and sites, also incorporates consulting and custom scheduling to tailor the migration your businesses needs and minimize or eliminate any downtime during the migration. This system allowed us to provide a smooth transition for SendGrid’s domain migration.

ShuttleCloud Migrates 46k Email Accounts for! is a hosting provider that needed to migrate 46,000 user accounts into a new IMAP email system. Few options exist for such large migrations, and affordable solutions are even rarer.

ShuttleCloud’s highly scalable architecture was able to provide a reliable and affordable option for email migration. Our system easily handled the sudden weight of 46k migrations in parallel. Coupled with personal customer service and support, available by phone, online chat or email, ShuttleCloud offered a truly comprehensive solution.

Companies Switching Domains Due to Instability in Libya

libya domains unstableAmong the collateral damage of Libya’s political turmoil is a threat to the reliability of the .ly domain names (Libya’s top-level domain).

In reaction to concerns that the stability of their websites would be affected by this uncertainty, and used ShuttleCloud’s Google to Google domain migration service to transfer their email, contacts, calendars and documents to and, respectively. It is impossible to anticipate every threat to the stability of your business, but ShuttleCloud provides a simple and reliable way to retain and transport the crucial data from your Google Apps accounts.

Are you planning an upcoming merger, acquisition, name change or corporate spin-off? Contact us for a free quote and chat with one of our representatives about how we can minimize downtime and provide a smooth transition for your users.

If I remove an alias, do I lose the ability to accept calendar invites sent to the alias address?

When you remove an alias from the primary domain, users may receive error messages from Google Calendar such as the example below:

“Google Calendar invitations cannot be forwarded via email. This event belongs to (the alias domain) and you are logged in as (the primary domain). Please ask the meeting organizer to add you to the event from Google Calendar.”

The domain alias provides the users with the ability to accept invitations sent to the alias ( addresses.  When this is no longer connected to the primary, users will need to receive calendar invites at their primary ( addresses during the migration. IP address location