We use a myriad of tools to run ShuttleCloud, and there are a ton of options for nearly every business process.

One web app in our arsenal is Zapier, an automation platform that connects dissimilar platforms together for a more powerful web.

Similar to Zapier, our email migration business is built on the assumption that vendors don’t always play nice.

With the exception of developer APIs — which bring their own problems regarding call limits, data points, etc — there isn’t a clear benefit for Vendor A’s information to be accessed by Vendor B. This creates vendor lock-in, and the ultimate loser is the consumer.

Zapier helps bridge this gap with their impressive integration suite of 250+ web apps, an extremely ambitious and well received offering.

Popular connections include the basics like sending a Facebook post to Twitter, but also more complex stuff like adding a new Paypal customer to a Mailchimp list. When harnessed for the right use case, Zapier is a formidable platform that saves copious amounts of admin or otherwise “intern” resources.

Here’s to them for a job well done — and friendly pricing doesn’t hurt either.

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