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From Distributed to Monolithic to Squeeze Your Resources

Importing 1.2 million contacts and 48 million emails every day to Gmail

At ShuttleCloud, a fast-growing start-up, our challenge has been to develop the most efficient platform architecture to import billions of messages or email contacts for our major customers, including Gmail, Comcast, and Time Warner Cable.

ShuttleCloud moves more than 400 million contacts per year, close to 35 billion emails. This functionality is available to all Gmail users, a total of 900 million users. Having important clients means really demanding SLAs (Service-Level Agreements), up to 99.5% in some cases.

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Domain Migration for Google Apps – Alias Swap with Zero Email Downtime

Looking to make your Google Apps alias domain the primary domain name while minimizing email downtime?

Many clients have an alias set up and in use on an existing primary domain and will be migrating in order to have the alias domain become the primary. This post will show you how to swap your alias and primary domain using ShuttleCloud and an external MX forwarder.

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Spending too much on Google Apps suspended account licenses?

Whether employees have retired, left to start their own companies, found other opportunities, or were fired or terminated, these scenarios leave you as the IT Admin with a lot of work to off-board users.  We have seen many instances where these user accounts pile up and there’s not an easy and cost-effective way to export users email data from Google Apps in bulk.

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