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Migrate Google Docs Collections Hierarchy

Whenever there’s a very complex Google Docs shared collection hierarchy, it may be impossible to fully migrate with 100% fidelity.

All of the documents will migrate to your new account, however they may not appear in the same folder structure.

ddThis problem can be solved if the owner of the shared collection puts the documents and sub-collections where they should be (recreating the collection and hierarchy in the new domain) prior to a migration. Then, the documents and other items for all the users will then appear in the correct spot.

What happens if I send or receive messages during the migration?

ShuttleCloud performs a final account sweep at the end of the migration that will catch and copy most messages that you receive during the migration.

If you send or receive email after the migration, your email will not continue to be migrated to your new account automatically. Therefore, you will need to setup mail forwarding from your old email account so that all new messages are sent to your new email account.

Change Management Template for Google Apps Migration

Below is a change management template you may use to inform your users about a migration.

Dear [User],

On [Date/Time], we’ll start migrating your [] accounts to new accounts under the [] Google Apps account. We’re using ShuttleCloud, a cloud migration company to accomplish the email migration which will we start on  [Date/Time]. It’s important to keep using your [] account until you hear otherwise from us.  We will let you know the switchover date, which will be the day that you cease using [] accounts and begin using [] accounts exclusively.  We’ll provide you with login credentials and next steps in an email to your [] account so please be on the lookout for that message.

ShuttleCloud transfers email only however, instructions for you to transfer your Google Contacts, Calendars, Documents/Drive and Sites are provided below.  We will provide additional project timing and next steps once we’re closer to the project kickoff date. While the email migration process will be nearly invisible to you, ShuttleCloud has provided information on some items you should be aware of as you transition to your new accounts:


ShuttleCloud will migrate your messages along with labels and read/unread message status.

  • In order for all of your labels to transfer over please make sure they are visible in IMAP before we begin the migration on [Date/Time].  To enable your labels’ settings so that they’re viewable in IMAP please review this process.
  • ShuttleCloud will also migrate your Google chat logs as part of the migration but first you must complete the following steps to prepare your account prior to the migration on [Date/Time].  See here.

There are a few settings that do not transfer as part of their process.  Here are a few that you may want to be aware of:

  • Filters/rules –  If you use filters/rules in your old accounts you may want to manually export them prior to the switchover.  More information on this process can be found here.
  • Forwarding & Fetching & Send-as – These will not be migrated and should be added manually to the new domain accounts if you’d like to retain that Send From: The ability to send-as another account will not migrate, but you can re-add this to your new account easily by going here.
  • Star Colors – Multiple star colors is a Gmail labs feature and we can’t preserve the colors while migrating.  ShuttleCloud only transfers the standard star color.  We recommend an alternative solution if you need to preserve star colors. Just go here.

Google Apps Suite

While there are other methods to migrate your data, we recommend you follow the processes below for each service:

Additional Items

Instructions for setup and manual transfer of additional items not covered by the ShuttleCloud migration: Mobile Devices (Android, iPhone, etc) Picasa Google+ Google Video Google Voice Google Adwords Google Analytics Google Marketplace Listing Google Places for Business Google Bookmarks Google Reader Youtube

How to Migrate Google Chats

ShuttleCloud can migrate your Google Chats!

Follow these simple instructions to prepare your account prior to a migration:

Step 1

Click the cog in the top right of the gmail webmail interface.

google chat migration

Step 2

Click on the “Labels” tab (second from the left).

configure chat settings

Step 3

Make sure that the tickbox next to “Show in IMAP” for chats is enabled.



enable chat imap








To get started with ShuttleCloud, go here.

Won’t removing the alias to set up the new Google Apps account cause email downtime?

Prior to removing an email alias, ShuttleCloud enables an MX forwarder that passes messages sent to alias domain addresses to the primary Google apps domain accounts.  MX records for the alias are switched from Google to point to the ShuttleCloud forwarder.

Note: This process is required because a domain cannot be set as an alias and an independent Google Apps account at the same time. 

How to Transfer a Youtube Account

While ShuttleCloud does not migrate YouTube accounts, Google provides easy instructions to transfer a YouTube account manually.

If your current YouTube account is linked to a Google Account, it may be possible to transfer your YouTube account depending on when it was created. Some settings will be available to you and, unfortunately, some may not.

This is an option for users who created their YouTube Account before May 2009 and then linked to a Google Account.

To transfer your YouTube account from an existing Google Account to another existing Google Account, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to YouTube.
2. Unlink your YouTube account.
3. Link your YouTube account to the account of your choice.

For more information from Google, see this post.