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Archiving suspended, inactive, or ex-employee G Suite Accounts using ShuttleCloud

Back up suspended, inactive, or ex-employee accounts in G Suite

The ShuttleCloud Migration Portal allows a G Suite admin to back up email for suspended, inactive, or ex-employee accounts to one of two options:

1. A consumer address (in step 1 select My Domain and in step 2 Gmail):

2. Another GSuite account in your domain (in step 1 select My Domain and in step 2 My Domain):

***NOTE*** We recommend creating an archive G Suite Account if you’re using G Suite as the back up alternative.

To install our tool and get up and running follow the steps in these articles:

How to install:

How to migrate email:

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Migrate Email from G Suite to G Suite

Migrating emails from one G Suite account to another made easy!

First, install the ShuttleCloud Migration Tool in your G Suite domain:

Second, visit Follow the easy on-screen steps, and you will be up and running in no time. In  Step 1 select Supported Providers and input your old G Suite email information.

Here’s a screenshot of your finalized steps:

***NOTE*** G Suite Admins can use our service to archive email from a suspended, inactive, or ex-employee G Suite account into a backup G Suite email address or a consumer email address. (

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