A former prospect that went with a ShuttleCloud competitor recently reached out to express their disappointment with that service.

After asking what issues they experienced, this was their response:

“I feel like we’ve not been provided with an all round customer experience… just a service to move stuff from A to B.”

The antithesis of this sentiment — a feeling of comprehension and control — is the aim of our productized service offering. Sure, the end goal of all migrations is the presence of old data in a new location, but there’s more to a successful project than checking boxes on a statement of work.

We set high performance expectations for our process, which has been tested and refined by some of the best companies in the world. We’ve got 230+ great reviews to prove it, and it doesn’t stop there.

ShuttleCloud clients are more than paychecks, they’re partners. It is our hope that by delivering long-term value in addition to “moving stuff from A to B,” we’ll be regarded as a provider of the “all around customer service” our former prospect was seeking.

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