ShuttleCloud is proud to present notable cloud industry news from March 2013.

This series is updated bi-weekly with the latest and greatest resources on all things cloud.

Amazon drops EC2 prices again in fierce cloud war with Google, Microsoft | Rene Millman of CloudPro
“Amazon has cut the price of its EC2 service for the 28th time,” which should “provide savings of up to 65% for reserved instances compared to on-demand instances.” This news comes a month after Rackspace announced a 33% price discount.

Dropbox Updates Desktop Version with Added Menu Features | Katie Ingram of CMS Wire
Everyone’s favorite file storage platform seems to be getting a lot of press lately, with the recent announcements of better enterprise support and now a more noticeable change for all users — a revamped desktop toolbar and application interface. Among other things, users can now accept file share invititations and view more content metadata without engaging files directly on the website.

Twitter Advertising: The New Ad Center | Christopher Golda of TwitterAds
With 200 million users and hazy revenues (at best), it’s about time Twitter finally improved upon its single current revenue stream: the ad platform. The newest updates will include better analytics and deeper visibility into consumer engagements with ads.

Google Reader Shutdown – Petition or New Player? | Seth Weintraub of 9to5 Google
Yes yes, we all know Reader is getting the boot. But have you heard about the petition with 75k+ supporters? Feel free to sign, or don’t. New players are already making waves to become the next-best-thing, with an honorable mention to Feedly for currently leading the pack.

Microsoft’s Vision for our Future: Big Screens and Big Data | Derrick Harris of gigaom
Last week Microsoft demonstrated some new tech at their Envisioning Center. Evidently the products are pretty mind-blowing, both for consumer and also the enterprise. Features mostly revolve around speech recognition and sophisticated gesture recognition by motion sensors. Check it out!

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