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    Wayne R

    I have 6 different Yahoo E-mail accounts, with six different contact lists. Every time I follow the instructions of how to import contacts, to wit:

    Import Contacts
    If you have contact lists that you want to use in Gmail, you can import them into Google Contacts.

    From Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, AOL, and other email providers
    Go to Google Contacts.

    On the left, click More and then Import.
    Select the account you want to import from.
    Click I Agree, Let’s Go!
    Sign in to your email account.
    Click Agree.

    By clicking on Yahoo, you do not get a choice of Yahoo E-mail Accounts. I have done so four (4) separate times, no choice of any e-mail accounts was provided, which has resulted in the exact same contact list being down loaded.

    That is, no option is given for me to chose which set of Yahoo
    E-mail Contacts I want to down load. The result is I now have four contact lists that are all the same.

    To add to my confusion, what does this Statement in the Instructions actually mean: “From Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, AOL, and other email providers
    Go to Google Contacts.”

    It seems to imply,that some how, from inside the e-mail account of one of these providers, you are to go to Google Contacts!!

    How do you do that?

    Good people, I’m trying to escape Yahoo, after almost 20 years. The merger with Verizon, is not going well for Yahoo E-mail users.

    Any “Help” will be much appreciated.

    Positive Guy Here @ gmail


    Hi Wayne,

    I am Blanca from Shuttlecloud, thanks for getting in touch!

    What is probably happening is that as you are already signed in to one of your Yahoo accounts, the import process begins automatically and doesn´t let you choose which account you want to import from.

    Try logging out from all your Yahoo accounts or starting the import process from an incognito window in order to be able to select the specific account from which you want to migrate.

    Let me know if this helps and you were able to perform the email import you wanted to!


    Wayne R

    Good Evening Blanca (or her associate that may handle this challenge)

    What I have done is spent four or more hours loading and unloading my e-mail accounts to determine what contacts were where, entering new passwords – (necessary to load some of the accounts under Yahoos New Rules, etc.), due to use of the same password for different e-mail addresses. Plus I assembled a list (hopefully correct) for all e-mail addresses shown as ‘Contacts’, by each Yahoo E-Mail Address, including the Password for each contact.

    Then I shut everything down. and restarted the computer. I opened the Chrome Browser. You should know that I have not used this Browser with any of the Yahoo Accounts. They were/are accessed using the Firefox Browser, which I have used since 1998, or there about, when I first moved to the west, from Boston.

    Back to what I did after the above. I went to Gmail (on Chrome), opened it up to download ‘Contacts’ as per per Shuttle Cloud Instructions, chose Yahoo as the source of the ‘Contacts’ I wished to download, and guess what – I was not presented with a ‘List of the various Yahoo E-mail accounts’, but instead Shuttle Cloud again simple download the ‘Contacts’ for the same Yahoo E-mail account it has downloaded 6 times before.




    Hi Wayne,

    I´m very sorry for the trouble you are going through to transfer your contacts, I understand this is frustrating!

    Can you please try the import again from an incognito window? This way it should let you choose the Yahoo account you want to import from.

    Please let me know if this works and if it doesn´t we will continue looking for solutions until it does!


    Wayne R

    Good morning Would you please tell what I need to do to use/create an incognito window


    Hello Wayne,

    Please follow these steps to open an incognito window. Then, try the import again.

    Keep me posted on it.


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