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    Originally, a month ago I took out a Gmail account and imported my contacts from AOL. That worked fine. Today, I went into the Gmail settings and tried to import
    my AOL account mail folders in the following manner:
    1. Select Settings
    2. Select “Continue Setting up Account”
    3. Select Import Contacts and Mail
    4. Check box for Mail only (i.e. made sure Contacts box was unchecked)
    (also unchecked was box for importing new email for next 30 days)
    5. The process seemed to start and said to see progress by looking under
    settings/accounts and import. I did that and see that it says almost
    instantly that the process is complete!

    Moreover, a banner appears at the top of my Gmail that says my mail and contacts
    have been imported and gives me a label to see my imported messages. When I
    click on that active label, it says there are no messages.

    How do I import my messages??


    Most of the people they used Gmail. But many people they used AOL. I also used both for that my suggestion is that first, you find the sent option then you will give your AOL mail and where you find to option in there you will give your Gmail id and text the message. For more update, I suggest a site Asus customer service if you browse it and will know it very easily.


    I don’t think you understand my problem. I’m trying to
    migrate all my folders and mail in those folders from
    AOL to my Gmail account. I tried another route from my
    Gmail account:
    1. select Settings
    2. select Account and Import Tab
    3. select Import Mail and Contacts
    4. enter AOL account and password
    5. check the box for Import mail and leave
    the other two box options unchecked
    6. Press the start import button

    So far 10 hours later it hasn’t delivered any email
    from AOL to Gmail. I can’t tell if it is doing anything, but under settings and the account & import tab it gives this message:

    Importing – It may take several hours (sometimes up to 2 days) before you start to see imported messages. You can leave this page and the import will continue.

    So I assume it is still importing….


    After more than 30 hrs of importing, it gave this
    message with no explanation:

    Could not be imported.

    What is the matter??


    Good afternoon,
    This is Elena.

    Recently, a few other customers reported trouble setting up an import from their Verizon-AOl accounts. After some additional investigation, we may have found the cause of the trouble.

    Sometime during April, AOL added a security check that blocks sign-in attempts from some apps and devices. Since your username and passwords worked to start the import, AOL’s new feature is likely the cause of all the difficulties.

    If you’d still like to use our service to import your Verizon emails into your Comcast account, here are the steps to resolve the security check and begin a new import:

    1. Log into your Verizon-AOL account information page:
    2. Click on “Account Security” and update your settings to allow apps that use less secure sign in
    3. Within ten minutes of doing this please try the import again.

    Please let me know whether this works for you, or if there is anything else I can do to help!



    I am using both AOL webmail and Gmail webmail with the Firefox
    browser. So the browser appoach for both should be a simple
    matter for a Gmail-ShuttleCloud email migration. Each of my AOL
    folders have less than 250 entries each and the total storage that
    they take up amounts to only 107 MB. Moreover, my AOL settings
    to allow apps that use less secure sign in has always been
    implemented in the several tries that have failed.

    When it fails, it only says “Could not be imported” but does not
    give a clue what fails. Are there any other limits that you know
    of that would prevent importing on either the AOL or Gmail end?

    I am currently importing while keeping both AOL and Gmail active
    in case AOL has something that shuts ShuttleCloud down if I’m not
    simultaneous logged onto AOL.

    ( I note in your reply that you mentioned COMCAST — I do not have
    any such account with them. I assume your use of COMCAST was an



    Nope staying logged on to AOL did not help either.
    The latest migration started on July 1 at 12:27 PM
    and ended on Jul 2 at 02:01 PM == about 25.5 hours.
    The usual message occurred: Could not be imported.


    Maybe another clue for ShuttleCloud.
    After I got the last failure. There
    was absolutely nothing added to my
    Gmail account and no new data or file
    had been transferred. However, there
    is an active “delete” button next to
    the failure message. So what would
    that be deleting??


    Hello Mike,

    The info regarding Comcast was an error. Don’t take into account.

    I’ve investigated this personally in order to give you a way to move your email into Gmail and the migration from AOL works actually. So please follow the steps below in order to retry the import:

    · Open Gmail.
    · Click on the Gear icon on the top right-most side of the Gmail interface and then select “Settings”.
    · Choose on Accounts and Import or Accounts tab.
    · Go to “Import mail and contacts” section and “stop” the migration or “remove” your old account.
    · Also, the migration filters all your personal email under a Gmail Label, remove the label too
    · Retry to import your AOL account into your Gmail account following the steps in our help article:

    Please let me know if the issue persists and I will provide you with another way to move your emails.



    Hi Elena,

    First, I see no Gmail Label to remove
    because of previous migration failures.
    When it finally fails, it leaves nothing
    behind like a file or file name to
    delete. However, it leaves an active
    delete button. What does it delete????

    Second, the Help Article URL is for
    an Outlook user — my case is simpler.

    Here is exactly what I’ve done
    numerous times:

    1. Click on the gear icon
    2. Go to the “Accounts and Import” tab
    3. Click on the “Import mail and contacts” button.
    4. Enter your full AOL email address in the pop-up window, and press “Continue”.
    5. Enter your AOL password and press “Continue” again.
    6. Check the box next to “Import mail”
    7. Press the “Start import” button.
    8. “OK” to close the pop-up window.

    I presume that there aren’t any settings under
    “Forwarding & POP/IMap” that have
    to be addressed for AOL?

    I must say that this forum process is painful
    when a short phone call or direct email
    would help a great deal.



    I finally gave up trying to use ShuttleCloud.
    The work-around for me was using Apple Mail on my MacBook. I created two Apple Mail IMAP
    accounts: One for my AOL email and the other
    for Gmail. The Apple Mail interface allows you
    Copy a Folder containing AOL email to a similarly named Label into Gmail. It took a couple of hours to do all my AOL folders. I suspect that one could do something similar
    with the Windows 10 Mail system if you don’t
    have a MAC.



    Dear Shuttlecloud – If I could figure out how to post to the migration help forum I would. I used the gmail process to import email from AOL. It appears that older emails were left behind. How can I get them to move??? I’m using POP.


    Hello Mardi,

    I am Blanca from ShuttleCloud.

    You may be able to copy your emails from your AOL account using the “POP” option. (The “POP” option can copy email messages, but not labels or folders.)
    Here are the steps:

    -Sign into your Gmail account.
    -In the top right, click the gear icon, and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
    -Click the “Accounts and Import” or “Accounts” tab.
    -In the “Check mail from other accounts” section, click “Add a mail account”.
    -Type the email address of your AOL account, then click “Next Step”.
    -Type your AOL password.
    -Also, type the POP Server and the POP port select 995.

    RECOMMENDED: Check the boxes next to the options below:
    >“Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail”
    >“Label incoming messages”
    -Leave the other boxes unchecked.
    -Click “Add Account”.

    Please let me know if this helps and all your emails are transferred correctly.



    Dear Bianca-
    Please note that I am using the POP option, as stated in my message… I am going to remove all references to my AOL account and try to start over. I will advise.


    I removed all of the references to my AOL email and began a new import. Both POP and IMAP are enabled.

    The import brought over 150 (or so) mails, none was older than 7/xx/2017, which is the same as before. I have screen prints of these activities.

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