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The Cloud Condenser – Volume 4

ShuttleCloud is proud to present notable cloud industry news from December 2012.

This series is updated bi-weekly with the latest and greatest resources on all things cloud.

Overview of e-Discovery Across the Microsoft Office Platform | Mike Ferrara of CMS Wire
E-Discovery, a recently popularized term that describes the use of technology to aid litigation, is now being equipped with a full suite of software, courtesy of Office 365.

Cloud research: Cost matters most and confusion remains | Michael Krigsman of Cloud Ave
Interesting piece of resarch by KPMG that details the primary barriers to cloud adoption. In short, they are a) evidence of cost savings, b) the shift to usage-driven pricing, and c) the ability of clients to form business cases. This research and insight also resonates with our former post on obstacles to cloud migration.

Forrester Cloud Predictions 2013: Cloud Deployments To Become Enterprise Reality | David Roe of CMS Wire
You’ll certainly want to bookmark this amibitious list by James Staten of Forrester. Backed by research and insight that only a visionary can, well, envision, this post includes 10 cloud predictions for 2013 ranging from pricing models to security issues and new industry players.

The Top 5 Microsoft Headlines Of 2012 – And The Real Trends Behind Them | Mark Hachman of readwrite
In terms of press, Microsoft had a great year of headlines and innovation in 2012. We’ll see the numbers-based ROI in the coming months of quarterly reports, but it’s exciting nonetheless to review the handiwork of a new OS, a new phone, and an entirely revamped product line.

Microsoft, Google Exchange Blows Over Gmail, Calendar, Contacts and Email | David Roe of CMS Wire
We think Microsoft and Google will capture most of the cloud market share by Q4 2013. They must feel the same way, because in a few weeks (Jan 30) Google is cutting off Google Sync, a feature that allows smartphone users to download and seamlessly integrate contacts and calendars between devices. The service works through Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync.

The Cloud Condenser – Volume 2

ShuttleCloud is proud to present notable cloud industry news from December 2012.

This series is updated bi-weekly with the latest and greatest resources on all things cloud.

Google Apps: The Numbers You Need to Know | David Politis of bettercloud
Over 5 million companies are using Google Apps for employee email and other back-office tasks. But what types of companies? Bettercloud puts together a great data set with viusual cues and analysis of why certain industries are more prone (or reluctant) to make the Google Apps switch.

IBM Launches SmartCloud Docs, New Cloud Collaboration Features | David Roe of CMS Wire
IBM’s SmartCloud Docs is the newest direct competitor to both Google Docs/Drive and Microsoft’s SkyDrive. This webapp software allows users to create all types of documents and then share and collaborate on them with colleagues. The initial emphasis of differentiation for SmartCloud Docs seems to be enhanced security, which is still dubious at best in regards to Google Drive and similar services. The SmartCloud Docs product is available for free to SmartCloud Exchange Advanced users, but comes at the nagging price tag of $3 per user, per month for regular IBM SmartCloud users.

Why The Enterprise Renaissance Will Be Big On ReadWrite In 2013 | Jon Mitchell of readwrite
Instagram may have been a disruptive acquisition with its $ billion price tag and $0 revenue stream, but software visionaries argue that real software, fixing real problems, will begin to take over the acquisition market in 2013. Great quote at the end, too: “There really isn’t a difference between Enterprise and Consumer software anymore. The line is between playing around and getting things done.”

Changes to Google Apps For Businesses | Clay Bavor of the Official Google Enterprise Blog
There used to be free and premium versions of Google Apps. Individuals were signing up for the business package, while businesses were signing up free Google Accounts. The experience wasn’t optimal for anyone, so now Google is offering one premium product and recommending individual consumers to just create a free Google Account. Also, Google Apps for education is free.